Friday, October 30, 2009


okay so tomorow is halloween. i'm so excited aren't you? Im going to be a pirate. My
little sister is going to be a pirate too! my mom isn't going to be anything. And my
dad isn't going to be anything either. He was Zorro a couple of years ago. my mom bought me and my little sister trick or treat bags at walmart. my mom isn't a big fan of wal-mart. But it was just 2 dollars a piece. so we got them anyways.


Linda said...

Hope you had a SPOOKTACKULAR Halloween and are taking s-l-o-w with the candy goodies. Have a great week-end and a wonderful week!
Love Grandma

Emma said...

I hope you had a good halloween! I guess its kinda late to comment on halloween! I mean, its the middle of the summer!