Saturday, August 16, 2008

I Miss You, Hopper

Yesterday night, it was dinnertime and after that, my mom went out to give Hopper the leftovers of my mom's good chicken and rice, but whenever she went out there, he wasn't there. Usually, whenever he hears her, he comes straight to the door, but he wasn't there. Hopper is getting old to be a dog, so mommy thought he was sleeping on the side of the house. But whenever she checked, he wasn't there on either of the sides. So she spread the news to me and Audrie and we started looking for him for two hours. After that, we couldn't find him and we went to Sonic to cheer us up, but it didn't really help. After that we went back home and went to bed. Today we are going to the pound to see if he is there with our dad after he gets off work. I hope that he's there, but until then, I'll see you later.