Sunday, June 1, 2008

A New Beginning

On Saturday morning, we went to a party about my gymnastics. You see, on Tuesday I found out that my Coach, Coach Dee was retiring from gymnastics and closing her gym. I was so sad, but I feel better now, because I'm going to start a new beginning at a new gymnastics place on Tuesday. It's called US Gold. It's a different level and I'm sure I'll make new friends. I think I'll do good. So the party was a farewell to Coach Dee. She had cookies and all kinds of fun stuff. We got to do the bars all by ourselves. I did a very cool trick. Coach Dee was very surprised. She gave me a beanie baby kitten that I named Cartwheel and wants to come over and jump on my trampoline very soon. Good Luck, Coach Dee!! I love you. :(


Sara :) said...

How exciting that you get to start at a BRAND NEW gym!!!! I LOVE change and I bet you do make a ton of new friends!

The name "Cartwheel" is SO ADORABLE!!!!!!

I love you Lindsie!
Aunt Sara

Sara said...

OMGoodness!!! I just saw that you have blogging friends...SO FUN!!!! How did you meet them?

Aunt Sara

Lillian said...

I gave you an award Lindsie. It's on my blog, go get it.

Emma said...

Lindsie! I am so happy for you! My little sister, Anna, is SUPER CRAZY about Gymnastics. Maybe you could post a video of you at the gym sometime!